Take Action to Protect Prince William Sound


Take a look at our TV ad above– and take action today by signing our petition to the CEOs of Alyeska and its parent companies. 

Prince William Sound –the site of the tragic Exxon Valdez oil spill – is once again at risk.   Alyeska Pipeline Services Company is replacing Crowley Maritime Services, which has served as the guardian of Prince William Sound for 25 years, escorting tankers safely through difficult waters without a serious mishap.

Alyeska wants to cut corners and cut costs by replacing 250 experienced Alaskan mariners, including 40 Alaska Natives, with out-of-state workers employed by Louisiana’s Edison Chouest Offshore.  This is the same firm that failed to prevent the Kulluk oil rig disaster, exposing workers and our environment to serious risk.

Take action today.  Sign our petition to the CEOs of Alyeska and its parent companies.